Stacie Degeneffe LCSW

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Services

How much more of your life will pass before you seek out the life you wish to have?

Are you struggling with self doubt, anxiety and/or depression and know that your childhood was far from ideal? I help clients increase self understanding, self compassion and self trust so they can forge a different path for themselves and their relationships. –A path more pleasurable and less painful than what was experienced in childhood.

Drawing on my training in adult psychoanalysis, play therapy and strength-based parent/child interaction therapy, I strive to help others gain greater self understanding and have more fulfilling relationships.


Individual Adult therapy

Adult Psychoanalysis

Parent/Child Play Therapy

Parenting Support


Initial phone consultation, no fee

$150 per session, Reduced fee for multiple sessions per week

Sliding scale may be available, please call for more information

I am happy to assist with out of network reimbursement

Current Openings

One weekly opening, Mondays at 5 pm

Call if seeking 4 times per week psychoanalysis.